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What Sets Us Apart


  • With experience on both sides of the courtroom both defense and prosecution in District, Circuit and Juvenile Courts, comes the ability to quickly assess the strength of a personal injury or criminal case, investigate, gather and preserve information, and present the strongest possible arguments on our clients’ behalf. 
  • At The Law Offices of Richard K. Scott, LLC, through experience we possess a sound and educated sense of the value of a case, not only in terms of the settlement value of an injury claim, but also finding, when necessary, a good resolution in a criminal prosecution. 
  • I practice negotiation skills on a daily basis in highly competitive litigation settings in order to determine the best alternative to a trial scenario – a necessity in determining whether a trial is essential for our client or could it actually hurt our client.
  • You will never be left wondering, “what happened?”  On many occasions, we meet with clients and learn that the biggest complaint with previous attorneys is they don’t explain what is going on or what happened after the case was completed.  It is normal for the client to “freeze up” when standing before the Judge and not understand what happened.  We will insure before you even reach the Judge or Jury:
    • What are all of your options
    • What is the best and worst possible scenario for each option
    • What option we would select if we were in your shoes
  • With me, you will at times remain informed, educated about your case, and you will remain in direct contact with our office until your case is firmly resolved.  Thereafter, as your family’s law firm, we will continue to maintain our relationship with you as only a phone call away.
  • We at The Law Offices of Richard K. Scott, LLC are dedicated to providing you with aggressive and professional legal services to protect the rights of personal injury victims and individuals facing criminal charges. 
  • We continue to stay abreast of the changing laws of Maryland as they continue to change almost daily and thus directly affect our clients.
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The Law Office of Richard K. Scott, LLC is a professional organization engaged in the general practice of law, with a concentration in criminal and traffic defense, family law and personal injury.  We at The Law Office of Richard K. Scott, LLC are experienced Maryland trial attorneys who have represented clients in front of judges and juries in almost every jurisdiction in the State of Maryland.  We are committed to giving our clients the highest quality representation in all legal matters.